Group exhibitions and participations (selection)

2016 Collective exhibition “Espacios interiores II”; Tristá art gallery (Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba).
Collective exhibition “Espacios interiores”; Tristá art gallery (Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba).
2013 Collective exhibition in “Derby Gral. San Martín”; Club Hípico Alemán (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
2012 Participation in “Gallery Night”; La Bladousse, art gallery (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Participation in the exhibition lounge of Buddah BA, art gallery (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
2004 Participation in the Salón de paisajes; Art gallery of Cumanayagua, (Cienfuegos, Cuba).
2003 Participation in the Bienal de la montaña Escambray of Cumanayagua (Cienfuegos, Cuba).
2000 Ilustrations in the art digital magazine “Calle B” of Cumanayagua (Cienfuegos, Cuba).
Participation in the exhibition “Metamorfosis”; Art gallery of Trinidad (Sancti Spíritus, Cuba).
1999 Participation in the Salón de cerámica [Pottery Hall]; Academy of Fine Arts “Oscar Fernández Morera” (Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba).
1998 Participation in the sculpture exhibition “Ambidiestro” [“Ambidextrous”] (Sancti Spíritus, Cuba).

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