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By means of his work, José Luis brings us back to the original state of alchemy, that original moment when fire, earth, air and water begin the frenetic dance of creation and, miraculously, from chaos and nothingness, art starts to be born, which is, definitely, true life. – Atner Cadalso

Awards (Selection)

2004 Base Forum Award for community work; Pottery Workshop of Cumanayagua (Cienfuegos, Cuba). 2003 1st Award Salón de paisajes of Cumanayagua (Cienfuegos, Cuba). 2000 1st Award Salón de Mayo from the Academy of Fine Arts “Oscar Fernández Morera” (Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba). 1996 Award in the III Salón de paisajes entre ríos y montañas [Hall […]


Born on 20 May 1981 in the town of Cruces, Cienfuegos, Cuba. Graduated in 2003 as “Professional Technician in Plastic Arts, Three-Dimensional Techniques and Woodcarving” at the Academy of Fine Arts “Oscar Fernández Morera” (Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba). He currently lives and works in Trinidad (Cuba) where he exhibits his work permanently in his art […]

Group exhibitions and participations (selection)

2016 Collective exhibition “Espacios interiores II”; Tristá art gallery (Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba). 2015 Collective exhibition “Espacios interiores”; Tristá art gallery (Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba). 2013 Collective exhibition in “Derby Gral. San Martín”; Club Hípico Alemán (Buenos Aires, Argentina). 2012 Participation in “Gallery Night”; La Bladousse, art gallery (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Participation in the exhibition […]

Personal Exhibitions (Selection)

2016 “Tras la Huella”; Art gallery: Benito Ortiz (Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba). 2012 Art gallery: La Bladousse (Buenos Aires, Argentina). 2003 “Huevos contra huevos”; Art gallery of Cienfuegos (Cienfuegos, Cuba). 2002 “Tintas sueltas”; Casa del joven creador (Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba). 2000 “Ruido en el Sistema”; Art gallery of Cumanayagua (Cienfuegos, Cuba).